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What’s A Chubsucker?

The rarely-seen creek chubsucker is native to vegetated, rocky areas of freshwater streams.  If found in your lake, it probably ...

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Inside the Water Column: The Secchi Disk

By Dr. Claude E. Boyd Pond owners, especially in the south and parts of the Midwest, are advised to apply ...

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Should I Use Fertilizer Or Pond Dye In My Pond?

If you’re contemplating this question, what’s your goal?  Is the lake a waterscaping with no fisheries management plan?  A ...

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Summer Temps Take Toll On Big Bass

Editors Note:  To long-time readers, we ask your indulgence while we reprint a past article highlighting an important and timely t ...

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Fascinating Bass Behavior and Feeding Habits

Largemouth bass are top-of-the-line predators.  When hungry, they literally consume anything that fits in their mouth.  When seemingly full from ...

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