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Archive for June, 2011

How to Enhance Your Dock or Landscape

Searching for ideas to beautify your dock and enhance landscaping along the shoreline of your lake home?  Consider water lilies ...

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In Spring and Summer Ponds Develop A Thermocline

During spring and summer months, ponds develop a thermocline.  The thermocline occurs at varying depths where there is a rapid ...

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The Spread of Lily Pads

If left unmanaged, lily pads can spread rapidly and limit use of your pond.  They reproduce by horizontal tubers that ...

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A Fish Can Breathe Out Of Water For A Short Time

A fish can breathe out of water about as long as you can hold your breath.  Carefully handle catches, especially d ...

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Are You Considering Stocking Fish?

Are you considering stocking fish?  Schedule now to maximize growth in the current season.  By July, waters temps in many ...

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Water Quality Issues May Develop As Temperatures Rise

Water quality issues may develop as pond temperatures rise.  Reduce risks by insuring fish consume all pellets at each feeding p ...

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