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Archive for August, 2011

What’s Happening in the Industry

Pond enthusiasts are supporting a growing movement to promote youth outdoor education. Leaders of “I Support Outdoor Ed” observed that ...

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Review of Windmill Systems

If you and I have spoken recently, we discussed aeration. Everyone I talk to knows the benefits of aeration.  It ...

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Sometimes it’s Not About Fish

Do you struggle with launching a boat?  Are there no places to relax at your pond?  We have a solution ...

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Pond Options Available to You

Are you wondering if your lake is a candidate for aeration?  If the treasured pond is three to five years ...

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Vegetation – Friend or Foe?

Chara often is called muskgrass or skunkweed because of its foul, almost garlic-like odor.  Many different species occupy lakes and p ...

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Tips To Save Small Ponds

Pond owners in drought-stricken areas are attempting to save small ponds by adding well water.  If you have that opportunity, ...

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