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Archive for December, 2011

Largemouth Bass Eating Habits

As largemouth bass mature, they become very efficient at gobbling prey, notably shad and other species with streamlined body profiles. ...

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Is Your Bass Eating Insects?

You’ve probably seen a young bass chasing a dragonfly.  You assumed it was seeking something to eat.  The big ...

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Bass Can’t Digest Soft Plastic Baits

Bass have strong stomachs, but can’t digest soft plastic baits. Texoma Hatchery owner, Bob Lusk, observed a very thin ...

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Make your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions Now

Were you unable to treat problem vegetation this season because there were too many projects on your list?  Did you ...

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Benefits of Soil Testing

Pond seepage can be one of the most frustrating and difficult conditions to correct in pond construction.  One day the ...

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