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Archive for June, 2012

From the Dock – July 2012

You just drifted over your favorite “summer worm hole”.  It’s a creek channel off a deep point.  You were ...

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It Looks Alien But Can Be Beneficial

A strange, jelly-like blob has been observed around the dock or among fallen tree limbs in shallow areas.  Before you ...

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Vegetation – Friend or Foe?

In most cases, it takes a trained professional to accurately identify aquatic vegetation.  There’s one plant, however, that even ...

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Product Review

As reviewed above, dissolved oxygen is critical to the health of your pond.  Here’s a valuable instrument to help ...

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Should I Be Concerned About Dissolved Oxygen Readings?

Dissolved oxygen (DO) may be the single most important water quality issue pond owners should monitor.  According to the extension ...

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