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Archive for October, 2012

Product Review – It’s Rainbow Trout Season

You’ve cut three cords of wood.  You raked the yard twice “since leaves stopped falling”.  Deer season closes in ...

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Attracting Waterfowl Comes With A Price

Watching wild ducks pitch their wings to land on a pond ranks among leading outdoor experiences. I enjoy improvising a ...

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Cold Water Curbs Fish Appetites

Since fish are cold-blooded critters, water temperatures influence feeding habits.  As they warm-up in the spring, appetites and digestion rates ...

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When Do You Stop Feeding Fish In The Fall?

Are you wondering when to stop feeding fish this fall?  The most accurate source for answering that question is—the ...

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From The Dock – Can Birds Stock Ponds?

I recently had a memorable time trying to explain how fish showed up in a pond that had gone dry ...

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