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Archive for April, 2017

Fish Behavior

Professional anglers work hard to figure out where the fish are. That’s job one. Then, they try to figure out w ...

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What’s A Bryozoan?

First time you see a bryozoan clinging to a dock or fallen tree limb in shallow areas, you’ll wonder ...

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Watch Fish Activity To Become A Better Fishermen

Anglers watch hours of fishing shows and read volumes of how to articles to be more successful. How often have ...

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Product Review – BoJo Fish Light

Folks who enjoy healthy, organic diets share their menu with family, pets, and yes–fish. BoJo Fish Lights are a u ...

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What Happened To Our Fish? We Can’t Catch Them

Occasionally, we receive calls from folks who report something happened to their fish. They can’t catch them. First thought i ...

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Feeding Program—Today’s Ways to Make Fish Grow

Thirty years ago, if someone wanted a pond on the farm, they simply called the local earthmover. He came out, push ...

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