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Archive for July, 2017

Know Your Pond Life: Dragonflies…What’s the Point?

By Bob Lusk Dragonflies, damselflies, mayflies…we see them each spring, some we see all summer. They flit around the ...

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Product Review – Mid-Season Management Review

We’re at mid-season of the 2017 lake management season. Water surface temperatures are topping 85+-degrees. Fish are seeking cool, shaded zones lik ...

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What Is Rotenone?

If a pond has been neglected for many years, or requires complete renovation, the only option may be cleaning the ...

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Vegetation Management – Chemicals Or Grass Carp?

Devising a vegetation management plan poses two common options. Utilize grass carp for a biological method or apply chemicals. Which ...

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I See Red Spots On My Fish

Are you seeing red spots on fish? Those spots could be grub worms. Here’s how they arrived in the pond and ...

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Bob Lusk

Bob Lusk, Fisheries Biologist A Pioneer of the Pond Management Business Bob Lusk graduated from Texas A&M’s ...

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