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Archive for October, 2017

Product Review – Moss Back Fish Attractors

There’s an old saying among lake managers and anglers:  90-percent of the fish live in 10-percent of the lake.  ...

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Carefully Design Spillways, Schedule Regular Maintenance

If you have observed the power of flooding water rushing over a spillway, you likely related the memorable experience numerous ...

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Fish Cities Improve Habitat and Angling

All of us have fished shorelines and areas with no visible cover and not gotten a strike?  Just as we’ ...

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Hunters Be Aware! Are You Properly Insured?

By Chris Peterie Someone is going to be shot by a hunter somewhere in the United States this year. “Will ...

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Mud Daubers – Annoying and Costly Pests

Have you observed increasing mud (dirt) dauber nests around a dock aeration compressor cabinet, or outbuildings?  It doesn’t take ...

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A View from the Horizon

With dramatic land use changes over the course of the last three decades, more and more landowners are dedicated to ...

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