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Archive for November, 2018

Duckweed Isn’t Ducky

As waterfowl arrive in the Fall, we receive inquiries about duckweed. Ducks may love duckweed, but they don’t love ...

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Keep An Eye Out For These Predators–Cormorants

Editors note: Fisheries managers hold great concern for damage caused by double-crested cormorants (water turkey) and otters.  Each Fall we ...

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Hybrid Bluegill – Good Choice For Small Ponds

Hybrid bluegill/sunfish are among the most publicized and promoted sunfish in the nation.  We recommend them for ponds smaller ...

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Pond Overpopulated? – Trap’em and Move’em

When you successfully manage a pond, there’s a bounty of fish.  Don’t let overcrowded conditions stunt them.  Trap s ...

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Largemouth Bass in Ponds: Abundance and Electrofishing

Largemouth Bass in Ponds: Abundance and Electrofishing By Dr. Dave Willis with Bob Lusk  To a fisheries biologist, spring means ...

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Supplemental Water

Supplemental Water by Mike Otto I’m not good at rain dances, but I’ve been known to give it ...

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