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Archive for January, 2019

Product Review – Monthly Pond Maintenance

Monthly maintenance is becoming our client’s favorite service.  How often have you departed the property and felt the entire v ...

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Aquatic Restoration: Dredgesox Solutions

Restore Shoreline Erosion, Improve Landscape Aesthetics, Install Dredgesox Solutions Pounding wave action and poor drainage on steep slopes slowly cause s ...

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How Many Grass Carp Should I Stock?

Talk to a dozen folks who stocked grass carp.  You’ll get a dozen stories of their satisfaction.  What’s t ...

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What Does Fertility Really Mean?

Typically, we associate fertilizing a lake with growing microscopic plankton to feed newly-hatched fish.  When you look deeper into the w ...

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Building Or Renovating A Pond?

Here’s How And Where To Find Help Bob and Mike Otto have been building and renovating lakes 40-years. If ...

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