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Archive for March, 2019

Math – Important To Pond Management

In a past Pond Boss article, Bob emphasized that math is important when it comes to pond management. Calculating water ...

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Algae — That Stringy, Scummy Stuff

It’s that time of year.  Cool Spring months are algae months.  The annoying stuff is slimy, sloppy, serves no ...

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Why Stock Supplemental Forage?

Ever wonder if you should supplement your lake’s food chain?  Let’s visit about the amount of supplemental forage ...

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Tips For Properly Handling Fish

You’re likely cleaning reels, spooling new line, and inventorying tackle.  Please review these recommendations for proper handling and safe ...

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Product Review – Electrofishing Surveys

Lake surveys provide valuable opportunities to assess water quality,  fish health, relative weights, vegetation, general habitat, and other crucial areas ...

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