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About Bob Lusk

Professional fisheries biologist and lake management consultant, Bob Lusk, is considered by many to be the nation’s leading authority on private lake management. From his home base in north Texas, Lusk travels the nation, as he says, “Helping people design, build, stock and manage outstanding fish lakes.” From upstate New York to California to the Carolinas and all over the south, Lusk plies his trade working with the rich and famous to you and me, John Q. Pondmeister. “I love working with good people,” Lusk says, “who appreciate the land and its water and strive to learn to be good caretakers of it.”

Bob Lusk was born in Fort Worth, Texas in March, 1955 and grew up meagerly. “We didn’t have a television until I was in the fourth grade…we read books and listened to the radio.” A voracious reader, Lusk dreamed of being a writer and artist…maybe a photographer, some day. The family’s tides turned a few years later and in 1969, they acquired land on the Brazos River, between Granbury and Glen Rose, Texas. It was there that the biologist-to-be found his passion…water and those creatures which live within. From age 14, Bob Lusk knew he would make a living playing with fish. After earning a degree in fisheries from Texas A&M, Lusk went into the fisheries management business and soon zeroed in on pond management. After struggling for years, the business began to gel and pretty soon, Lusk began gaining a respectable clientele. Today, he may be in North Carolina one week, helping guide the fate of King Fisher Society’s 175 year old Richmond Mill Lake and the next be teaching fishing guides how to handle important clients on a ranch in east Texas. What does Bob Lusk do best? “I love to work with people to figure out the “it” of their dreams. Most fisheries biologists I’ve met think “it” is about fish. It’s not. Once I figure out the “it”, then I work hard to help that client and family get it. It may be experiential, it may be philosophical…it may be about the entire environment. I take great pride helping my clients, from growing giant largemouth bass and two pound bluegill to designing the perfect boathouse to installing all the latest pond bells and whistles.”  What’s his favorite fisheries activity? “I have two electrofishing boats, a big one and a small one. The large one is a blast. I love to board the clients, crank up those motors and watch the clients on front as they get a firsthand look at their precious fish…it’s a sight they rarely get to see.”

Not only is Bob Lusk the nation’s leading private fisheries biologist and consultant, he’s an award winning writer, author and photographer. He has served as president of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association and publishes the nation’s leading authority on private water management, Pond Boss magazine. Lusk writes a portion of the magazine and edits all of it. Pond Boss was born in 1992. Lusk has contributed since the beginning and took over the editorial reins in 2004.

Lusk is also a highly sought after speaker. He speaks passionately about what he knows, holding 15-20 pond management seminars every year and heads up the Pond Boss Conference and Expo as the featured speaker as he lines up all other speakers for that huge event.

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