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Pond Maintenance Programs

Looking for Pond Maintenance Programs?

Did you know that Bob Lusk Outdoors offers monthly Pond Maintenance Programs? Our biologist visits the property once or twice a month as you wish. For a monthly fee, an hourly rate for time on-site, plus mileage, he monitors general management criteria, services feeders, treats vegetation as needed (chemicals charged by usage), plus other areas to maximize lake potential.

Ponds are one of the greatest assets on your property. It would be a privilege to:

  • Enhance the value of your lake.
  • Be a part of someone texting a photo of the biggest fish they ever landed or other fun event.
  • Create heart-stopping scenes of a big bass leaping out of the water attempting to shake a lure.
  • Help a youngster catch their first or biggest fish you’ll talk about forever.
  • Leave a legacy of not only memories, but improved habitat for all critters of Nature that call your treasured waters their home.

Fall is a prime season for lake surveys. Let’s meet at your lake and devise a plan to make some memories. Contact us today!


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