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Give Old Ponds New Life

Old Ponds New Life

Dredging restores years of lost productivity.

Are you seeking methods to give old ponds new life? There’s an old saying in our business.  You can build a lake and enjoy it for generations, but eventually, sedimentation will fill the basin and return the site to its original state–land.  

As water drains across the watershed, it washes tons of soil into the lake bed.  Each year, the upper-end slowly becomes more and more shallow.  Before you know it, large areas are affected.  Soil accumulates near the surface and forms mounds that grow unsightly vegetation. The reservoir gradually loses important water capacity.  Vegetation and silt rob the once proud pond of productivity.

To maintain the lake’s value, it must be dredged.  Our firm can restore your pond with dredging or excavating.  Dredging uses geo-textile tubes to contain sediment for removal.  Silt, decaying leaves, aquatic vegetation, and other material are pumped into the tube.  Water filters through the tube’s porous fabric and returns to the pond.  Solids are retained in the bag.  When dry, the tube is opened.  Contents are trucked-away or spread on-site.  In many cases, sediment contains rich, organic nutrients and makes excellent top soil.  Excavation uses comparable removal methods or places material on the shoreline to be spread or hauled away. This efficient process:

  • Is completed without draining the pond.
  • Restores original water capacity.
  • Does not disrupt the area.
  • Limits disturbance to surrounding landscape.
  • Has minimal effect on aquatic life.

     Contact us here for a quote. Winter months are perfect times to schedule and have the lake revived for the new spring season.  Projects can be planned by the day or week to accommodate any budget. Evaluation includes probing sediment to determine average depth, quantifying material to be removed, and collecting sediment samples. 

Old Ponds New Life

Renovation methods leave a small footprint.

Old Ponds New Life

This sludge represents years of build-up from leaves, vegetation, and related organic matter.

Old Ponds New Life

Increased sediment results in swamp-like environments.

Old Ponds New Life

What’s on the bottom of your lake?

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