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Pond Management Consulting

Pond Management Consulting: Bob Lusk Outdoors

Within five minutes after we meet, you’ll learn we love a challenge.  Do you want to grow trophy bass like you see on television? Do you enjoy fly-fishing for giant bluegill? Want a state-of-the-art dock and boathouse? Desire to attract more wildlife to the property?  We incorporate cutting-edge science with many years of experiences to create pond, lake and property management plans for any project you have dreamed.

Pond Management Consulting

Eagles Nest Ranch

A client in Texas had similar visions. After evaluating the lake and its fish population, we mapped the lake bottom to identify creek channels, structure, and key points for habitat enhancement. We constructed brush piles and related fish attractors to increase catch rates. We strengthened the food chain. Today, that happy couple can’t wait to make the next cast, wondering who will catch another double-digit bass. Bluegill are so large you hold them by the lip like a bass because your hand won’t reach around them.

The dock is accessorized with insect lights that feed fish nutritious, natural forage. There are several automatic feeders which provide food pellets and entertainment as fish thrash the surface chasing high protein morsels. We installed an aerated minnow box, a durable fish cleaning table, fiberglass storage boxes, tackle lockers and a live basket to keep fish fresh until they want to prepare a few for dinner. After a meal of fresh fish that doesn’t taste the same anywhere else, they stroll to the dock for an evening show. Emerald green lights are mounted on the bottom off the shoreline and under the dock. They highlight fascinating fish activity not visible during the day.

Our friends (and clients) are great conservationists. We helped erect wood duck boxes to enhance waterfowl activity. They added a simple video loop that lets people watch nesting activity. These folks enjoy viewing wildlife. Our team helped design a food plot system throughout the property. Now, visitors observe critters from their cabin and several blinds in the woods. We’re using wildlife runs as hiking trails for hands-on experiences with Nature.  We installed infrared cameras to see what wily critter was making noises on the front porch during the night.

Does this sound like a blueprint for fun and relaxation? Our Pond Management Consulting service is sharing information to help you open new frontiers in conservation stewardship and enjoyment of your special place. We can guide you through writing a professional plan for all types of property improvements. Our staff offers monthly maintenance programs with regular on-site monitoring to ensure success.

We truly are a turn-key company with vast experiences taking care of your outdoor world. From building the pond to buying the fishing tackle, we’ll help you achieve your biggest dreams.

Let us give you a front row seat to Nature’s stage.  From feeding fish with your children or grandchildren to sitting in a blind observing critters perform, it’s all an adventure waiting for you to join the fun!  We can help you offer Nature’s shy performers the hospitality, food, and shelter they’ll need to give you an unforgettable performance.

We’re probably working on a ranch near you. Call us! We’ll stop by on the way home.