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Flexomat Boat Ramp

Tired of getting stuck when you launch a boat? Wish you had a boat ramp? We’re dealers for Flexamat, a revolutionary product to improve enjoyment of your lake.

Constructing a boat ramp after a lake has filled is costly and invasive. A Flexamat boat ramp can be installed in a few hours. It provides immediate use with little disturbance to surrounding landscape. Benefits:

  • Cost less than building and pouring a concrete structure.
  • Sizes are available in 10, 12, or 16-foot widths and custom lengths.
  • Native vegetation will cover the mat to project a natural shoreline or you can spray it to maintain the mat appearance.
  • Boats can be launched immediately after installation.
  • Typical ramps are 10-feet wide and 50-feet long. The below model allows a 25-foot approach with a 25-foot trailer pad in the lake.

Flexamat boat ramp

Flexamat ensures a stable driving surface for access roads, boat ramps, low water crossings and parking areas. Flexamat is extremely durable, due to it’s make up of 5000 PSI concrete blocks which are re-enforced with a high strength geogrid.

The mat is permanently locked together with a high strength geogrid and is pre-formed and packaged in rolls. The installation of Flexamat is efficient and can be completed in submerged applications.

Flexamat can be used as a vegetated driving surface or infilled with crushed stone. The blocks create a stable, non slippery surface that provides traction when walking or driving across.

Flexamat is a roll of concrete blocks embedded in a polypropylene geo grid. There is 1.5-inch spacing between each block. Blocks are produced from durable 5,000 PSI Portland Cement. This unique material can be used to repair erosion. Often it is used to stabilize slopes, channels, and shorelines as shown in the article on habitat improvement. Contact us for a quote.


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