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Aeration and Fountains

Benefits of pond aeration and fountainsHave you observed fish gulping air at the surface? Or found struggling fish against the shoreline?  Those are ominous signs of oxygen stress or water quality issues.

As water temperatures peak during summer months, ponds experience “thermoclines” and water quality issues, especially small ponds where fish are fed. Water quality degradation basically means water is receiving waste faster than it can process those wastes. It might be in the form of fish waste, organic matter such as grass clippings or fertilizer washed in from surrounding terrain.

Heavier waste products sink to the bottom and take longer to decompose, simply because bottom water doesn’t see the light of day or touch the atmosphere until fall, when water temps cool and ponds “turnover”. Consequently, water can’t cleanse itself quickly enough. In some cases, downburst from a heavy thunderstorm rushes into a pond. Colder, heavier rainwater sinks to the bottom, suddenly forces stagnant water to the surface, and causes catastrophic fish kills.  What’s a pondmeister to do?

To limit risks of fish loss, consider aeration.  Increased circulation:

  • Increases oxygenation of thermal-stratified water and helps stimulate natural biodegradation of organic waste.
  • Allows fish to use the entire water column instead of only upper zones.
  • Promotes oxygen absorption into the water, thereby increasing decomposition of sunken organic matter.
  • Eliminates spring and fall turnovers.

We’re dealers for surface or bottom mounted aeration systems. Surface units circulate healthy water throughout the pond. Bottom diffusers use dense columns of air bubbles from a compressor to lift stale water to the surface for exposure to sunlight and oxygen.  If there is no electrical service to your pond, no problem.  We also install windmill driven units.  Ask for a quote.   Investment in an aeration system may be less than the cost of replacing valuable fish.

Inquire about our wide selection of fountains.  Premium nozzles create artistic displays.  Light kits highlight colorful nighttime patterns.

Ponds with aeration systems should consider using a blend of beneficial live microbes. These living, natural bacterial cultures boost natural pond processes and speeds decomposition for cleaner water and lower maintenance costs.