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Aquatic Plant Management

Aquatic Plant ManagementAquatic vegetation typically has a bad reputation in private pond management. If left unchecked, it becomes expensive to control, limits sportfish from feeding efficiently and greatly frustrates anglers.

Fact is, vegetation can be your pond’s best friend when managed professionally. If stands of native aquatic vegetation cover less than 20 percent of the pond, it provides important, often crucial habitat. Properly managed zones of plant cover provide safe havens for newly hatched fish to survive predation and have the time to mature to become future generations in the fishery.

Vegetation requires nutrients, sunlight, and specific water temperatures to thrive. Eliminate one of those three stimulants and it can be managed. The presence of vegetation also can be a symptom of another condition in the pond. Consequently, vegetation-related issues must be accurately diagnosed and professionally managed.  Vegetation must be handled by specific materials and methods formulated to control specific plants. If you use the wrong product, there may be little or no success. Improper application may harm fish and other beneficial organisms in the environment.

If you’re building a pond, let’s discuss how minimizing shallow depths may limit future complications. If water visibility is very clear, we can apply timely fertilization to inhibit sunlight stimulation. If algae is your problem, we can relate aeration options and stock tilapia in April.

There are three methods to manage vegetation: biological, chemical, and mechanical. Would grass carp or herbicides work best for you?  Our staff will help guide you through critical decisions on which method(s) would be most effective and economical. Call us for assistance in turning dreaded vegetation into a valuable partner among the ecosystem.